Wednesday, May 03, 2006

All I'm Thinkin' About

Mostly positive review of Nailed up at the alt teen blog / brave and brass book blog. The review points out, as have a few others, about Nailed being message heavy. Now, having been a reviewer for VOYA for twenty years, I certainly know the subjectivity of the review process. What's always perplexed me as a reviwer of teen books is whom is the review / book for because its not the same. The review is for the librarians reading the journals making purchasing decisions; the book is for teens. As I do school visits promoting Things Change, I'm struck by how difficult it is to pull from many teens the "ideas" and "themes" of the novel. They can talk about characters, plots, and scenes, but even with some guidance, the bigger picture / points don't come easy. So, yes, I agree in retro that Nailed is a little message heavy, but in my experience and in my opinion, if you want kids to get somethin' out of a pleasure read other than pleasure, you have to make it clear: maybe not hammer it; but you gotta let it stick out a little.


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